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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sample Platter and Increase Your Creepy Efficiency

We have a random assortment of pictures this week. The first are from a hike we took with some friends and family on Memorial Day. It was totally last minute, but we rounded up a ton of people to go. Other than Kali falling into the river and getting all wet, we had a nice time. Thanks again, Becky, for packing Kali out after she got all wet. The next set is from Kali's gymnastics, end of the year celebration. She was in a class with just one other little girl, and they had a blast. They gave them medals at the end. It was really cute! The last pictures are from this morning. Owen got his hands on Kali's apple and was going to town. He was playing on the stairs and loving life. Erik can't ever pass up a good photo op. ~Angela

As you can see on the side of my blog there is are quite a few links to some of my favorite blogs. It can be very time consuming to clicking through all those links to see who has updated. I talked to a guy at work and he showed me RSS readers, many of you probably already know about readers but I am new to the game. You can subscribe to different web pages as long as they have a feed and the reader will do all the leg work for you. I tried out a couple this week. You can see from the pictures below that I tried Google Reader and Feed Demon. Google reader is nice because it is web based and can be accessed from any computer (my recommendation). FeedDemon you have to download and install on your PC but it can be synced to different computers. RSS readers helps streamline blog stalking, hence increasing your creepy efficiency. ~Erik


Nikki said...

Beautiful pictures as always, I'm glad you guys have been having so much fun.

I have decided to make my blog private, so only people I know can cyber-stalk us (it is appropriate that you are talking about that very subject). I had a hotmail address for you Angela but I don't know if you still use it - if you email me at nikkisblog@gmail.com and let me know what the best email address is I will add you to my list of people with permission to see our blog.

Thanks! - Nikki