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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hannah Montana Cake

This weekend I made a cake for a friend's birthday party. It wasn't perfect, but I was pretty pleased with how it turned out. We also got quite a downpour of snow after everything had just about melted off. Kaitlyn decided it was her job to shovel the driveway. The snow shovel seemed too big for her, so she grabbed a clam digging shovel from the garage. She even got her friends to help her when they came over for dinner. The girl helping Kaitlyn is who the cake is for. I guess Kaitlyn's attitude was "if life gives you lemons (or snow) make lemonade (or a clear path to play in). -Angela

I took another trip to Homer to pick up the boat. My other shots are on my photo blog, it was a very nice day. ~Erik


Fishin' Ponds said...

Angela...you are so talented! The cake turned out awesome. I always love to look at the pics Eric takes. There are some awesome shots.

Tyler 2nd RS said...

What a cute cake! YOu are getting good! Hannah Montana...... thank goodness for boys!!

Smedley Family said...

Very talented you both are! Cake, Photography, Cute Kids . . . yeah, that counts as talent! :D We'll have to stop in when we go fishin! - Lisa

TRICKY said...

That cake is awesome! Will you make one for my birthday?

Anonymous said...

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GrandmaDebbie said...

You did a great job on the cake!