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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Kaitlyn's Princess Party/ Wii

Kaitlyn turned 5 yesterday and in honor of the big day we had a Princess Tea Party. Kaitlyn is such a girlie girl and has been planning this party since June. Erik and Owen took off to escape all the estrogen and Erik's mom, Barbara, came over to help me with the party. We had a blast. The girls all came dressed as princesses - so cute! We started out by painting the girls' nails and then we made crowns, played games (like Kiss the Frog) and had a castle cake with special "princess punch." Needless to say, the girls had so much fun and Kaitlyn got way too many presents. ~Angela

Can you say WHEEEEE.... or maybe just Wii. This week we got a new addition to the family, that's right the coveted Nintendo Wii. Does it live up to all the hype, Yes. I have a Wii bit of soreness in my arms from playing Wii sports. Angela has been getting pretty tried of my Wii jokes but it has been a blast. The girls love to box and Kaitlyn does a victory dance every time she beats an opponent. We will try and post some pictures of the kids playing. ~Erik


Tyler 2nd RS said...

Cute pictures. Geez, what is it like to have girls. The only thing we know here are monster trucks, tractors, etc. Girls are a whole different ball game! Congrats on the Wii. I have to say video games have never appealed to me, but that looks kind of fun!

Anonymous said...

Well, it goes without saying that Wii are more than a Wii bit jealous of your new toy. I could go on, but I wouldn't want to aggrivate Angela.

the phipps said...

I love seeing all of your pictures, Eric you are so talented- I hope that I can hurry and learn more so I can take pictures like you!

I laughed when I saw Kaitlyn's party pictures because we just had a princess party for Kate with a castle cake and everything! Too bad we aren't closer and we could have just had a mega Princess Party! Hopefully I can get pictures of her party on our blog soon.

Glad you guys are doing well!