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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hawaii post 3

Here are some recent pics of the family. We went to the swapmeet and found some fun stuff to bring home and then drove around the island to see some tourist spots. It was pretty funny – at some of the lookouts there were tours of Asian people. They all wanted to take pictures with or of our blond children. Erik couldn’t believe that they were at these beautiful places and all they wanted to take pictures of were our little monsters. I had to explain to the girls that blond haired, blue eyed children were a novelty to them. Anyways, we’re having a blast! Owen loves the sand and water and the girls are in heaven. We miss everyone back home and hope everyone is well.


mexicanmassey said...

wow!Owen is really big now! and the girls too,it looks like you had alot of fun in Hawaii,you should come to campeche for vacations it will be really fun for the girls and also for you guys,I hope that one day we have the opportunity to meet each other in person.
We need some help with our blog though, because we don´t know how to make a cool title thing. We made a pretty ghetto one but you can´t even really see the letters. Could you make a cool title thing for us and email it to me? I think it has to be in JPEG format. OH we also wanted a differnt background that looked cool because all the ones that blogspot offers are pretty lame-o.
Give kisses and hugs to the kids for us.
love ya
Keith and Jennifer