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Saturday, December 1, 2007

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

Well, today I persuaded Erik to come with us to his favorite type of activity - a Soldotna community event. They had their annual tree lighting festival, complete with horse drawn carriage rides and Santa for the kids. The kids and I had a blast. Erik likes to complain about being out with the rest of the town, but I think deep down he likes to see the kids all jazzed about Christmas. Also in this picture medley you'll find a couple of shots that Erik took of Owen this afternoon and one of Owen covered in Kaitlyn's hot chocolate. It slipped out of her hands and all over Owen. Notice the lack of snow in all the pictures. Is this really December in Alaska? I'm not complaining - this is awesome for a girl from So. Cal.


Dave and Loralee said...

I LOVE all the pictures! Those fireworks ones were awesome! You guys have been doing tons of fun stuff lately!
So, no snow here yet either, but I realized that it means that since I'm heading to CA, then winter is postponed just that much longer! So when we get back the first of January, then we'll only have 4 (or 5 if it's like last year!) months of winter left! nice. :)

Alisha said...

Cool Santa, sporting a real beard. Nice that the kids are chill with him. Kevin had no problem going up to him, but Ryan suddenly went shy and told me that he's rather send him an email. Geez! What ever happened to snail mail!!

Alisha said...

so I just noticed the Alaksa Massey bottle cap. Is that for real? COOL

Alaska Massey said...

Erik photoshopped the bottle cap. The original picture is on an old post below. The bottle cap said "Made in Alaska." I think it's funny how computer savy the kids are now days - sending Santa an email. Who would of thought of that?