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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Spooky Halloween

Happy Halloween! We had a fun, and surprisingly warm (for Alaska), Halloween. I think it was 43 degrees tonight - not too bad! We went as the Massey Zoo. Erik and I were zookeepers, Kaitlyn was a zebra, Kali a monkey and Owen a lion. We carted Owen around in our wagon made to look like a cage, complete with a "please don't feed the animals" sign at our church's "Trunk or Treat." He wasn't too sure about the whole costume thing, especially when he was sitting in the wagon. The girls had a blast and towards the end Kali was dragging her bucket of candy because it was too heavy to keep carrying it around. I guess that's when you know you have too much candy! We hope everyone else had a fun Halloween too!


Tyler 2nd RS said...

What a good idea for costumes!! Owen was so cute in his little "cage". You guys look great!