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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Angela's Birthday Hair

Angela is now 28 and feeling the heat of being old. To combat those feelings she decided to cut her hair. Her hair looks quite nice and she holds her age well, she doesn't look a day over 37. I was trying low key shots (first picture) in black and white.


Tyler 2nd RS said...

Dang Angela,
Nice hair! I don't think you look 28!! You look fabulous! Erik you did an awesome job on the pictures also.

Alisha said...

I totally forgot! but now I'm only 1 day late instead of months so.......HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a HOT MAMA!! Nice cut, very youthful. hehe Love ya!!!!

the phipps said...

Hey Masseys
I love that picture of Angela- Erik, you'll have to tell me how you took that one. I'm still trying to master the manual controls on my camera. We bought a Nikon D70 on Ebay a few months ago. I love it but am still learning. P.S. Happy Birthday to Angela- you look great!

Ala Family said...

Erik you've got yourself a HOT wife, she looks amazing as always. Happy late B-day Angela!!

massey said...

You sure purdy! I love your new haricut- it's quite stylish!! Annie