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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Alaskan Sun Dress

Our kids have been in Alaska long enough to think that it is normal to play in a slight snow shower in a sun dress. You will notice that Kali does value dependable foot wear. We have had a bit of snow the last week. Nothing that stuck for to long but it gets the girls all jazzed.


Ala Family said...

Oh my goodness...these pictures are adorable! I just love her boots and sundress in the snow. I need to take some photography lessons from you!

massey said...

Nice air Kali! You could teach your uncle Reedie a few steps.
Love Auntie Annie

Dave and Loralee said...

Can I tell you-I just LOVE your posts!! They always make me laugh out loud!! I miss you guys!!! Your kids are so cute...and your photography skills make me jealous :)

Alisha said...

You're tagged! Go to my blog to read the rules. Miss ya
ps what a sweet picture

Tessa's Blog said...

Hey guys! Erik I had no idea that you were so much into photography--you really have talent there. I am glad to hear that you are all doing well and hope that it doesn't get too cold there too fast. Although from the looks of it Kali is pretty excited. Tell Angela that shes beautiful and that she's not old-tell her us more seasoned women need to stick together. Yeah ok whatever, but she looks great. Hope all is well the the great Ak later for now!