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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Boating adventure

Well we took the boat out over the 4th and had an adventure. We went over to Jacolof bay and met up with a few guys I work with. Angela and Kaitlyn went clamming while Owen, Kali and myself went and checked out some tide pools. It was a nice sunny day and when Angela got back I went out fishing and caught a few fish. Sleeping on the boat is always joy with a five month old, but we are getting better at it. Wednesday morning we wanted to get over to Seldovia for the 4th because they have a big parade and crap but the boat had different ideas.... Unfortunately the starter went belly up and the boat wouldn't start. We were about to get a tow back when I think the girls prayers were answered because the boat started. Needless to say we didn't go to Seldovia but ended up just heading for the harbor. It was a bit stressful, but everyone made it home in one piece.

Owen and Dad filleting fish.

Where's Angela?

Deanne Pokryfki with Kali and Owen


massey said...

Mrs. Porkryfki...she was my favorite math teacher!!! Seriously she was a fantastic teacher. I remember she was pregnant when I had her class. Good to see her!

Tyler 2nd RS said...

Sounds like fun. That was too weird that you guys were hanging out with one of our old teachers though!! And p.s., all your kids look so muich alike. I think Owen looks just like the girls

Ala Family said...

Owen is SOOOOOOO adorable!! That is a really cool carrier he is in. Glad you all made it safely back.